Welcome to Foundation: Fledgling.

First things first: the RP's background. If you're not familiar with the SCP Foundation (, now's the time to start. This RP is based on the material found there, and many background questions you can't find the answers to on the Fledgling pages will be found there- along with some hints about what to expect in the future (this is, of course, supplemented by the caveat that GMs are free to deviate from site canon whenever they wish. The main site isn't a cheat sheet.) Keep in mind, however, that the main wiki describes a different organization than the one your characters will be members of - at the time the game is set, the year is 1968, the Foundation is just being founded, and is far from the nigh-omnipotent organization seen in many of the stories and articles on the main site. What does this mean? You play the various agents and minions of a shadowy agency, operating under the auspices of the United States Government. The term SCP hasn't been coined yet- but your mandate lays it clearly out. Secure paranormal objects and entities, Contain them so that their existence is not discovered, and in doing so, Protect the strategic interests of the United States. Maybe that last one could use some work— we'll see.

The SCP Foundation website contains a wide variety of styles and tones, from the incredibly dark to the utterly fantastic. This RP will aim to explore this variety while staying within certain limitations - trying to avoid the over-the-top ridiculousness of some of the earlier Tales (Duke til Dawn being the prime offender in this category) or the horrific darkness of some of the more expert writers' stories (Documents Recovered From Cell 3, for example). The former is excluded because it tends to spread to the rest of the game - how can you take anything seriously after someone rode SCP-682 halfway across the Site - and because attempts to restore a serious tone after such an event tend to be taken harshly (why is my character dying? Agent Whatshisname just got into a mud wrestling match with SCP-173 and he survived!). The latter is being avoided for similar reasons on the other side of the spectrum - how can you have a lighthearted interlude between missions if half the PCs are in the psych ward? Additionally, the setting will focus specifically on exploring the history of the Foundation - strict accuracy to the time period the game is set in is not a focus, especially with regards to prevailing social attitudes at the time. Vietnam will not be a focus of the game, nor will the American Civil Rights movement of that time period. Both deserve a more considered focus than what the game's parameters intend to allow. Think 1960/70s aesthetic and technology levels, 2010s social sensibilities.

With a basic understanding of the themes of Fledgling, the setting can be addressed. You play a member of the Foundation for the Study of Paranatural Phenomena, an organization so far in the black ledgers that the Treasury Department doesn't even know it's funding you. With direct ties to the Department of Defense, and claims from various other governmental organizations, the Foundation's actual leadership can be a bit of a muddle sometimes. Players are assigned to the Chicago field office (the only field office- HQ is back in DC) located on the outskirts of the city. The facility- a converted paper production plant- has been dug out and extensively renovated while maintaining the facade. A few cells, two laboratories, a room with bunks for the Agents on call- the facility is spartan, but it gets the job done.

With that final note, we'll move on to Character Creation.

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