Character Creation

Character creation is intended to be a brief, mostly-painless experience. First, you should develop your basic character concepts - to include role, personality, and description. Biographical details are an optional appendix for players preferring to flesh their character out more fully prior to introduction in the game proper. This process should be accompanied by dialogue with your fellow players as well as the GM staff in order to ensure that your planned concept meshes with the setting. After completing this portion, you may stat your character out and begin play.


The field office is a smaller facility, but there remains plenty of work to be done. What position does your character fill? The out-of-character chat (#fledglingooc) is a good place to bounce ideas for positions if you're having trouble coming up with one!


A sentence or two covering basic personality traits exhibited by your character.


Less important to the game than the first two categories is your character's description - a brief summary of your character's physical appearance - but, it will be useful when searching for or requesting an image to represent your character.


This (optional) section is for a summary of your character's personal history. Keep in mind that encounters with the paranormal are almost certainly not going to be used by the Foundation as a point to encourage recruitment.


This section is how your character interacts with the world in high-stress situations. Allocate 9 points between your stats, with a minimum of 1 and maximum of 5 in any given score. The statistics are broken down as follows:


The use of your perception, wits, and understanding. Doctors typically have a high Intellect, as would researchers, and detectives. If you're trying to ferret something out - whether it's hiding in the bushes or in several thick, complicated tomes, you want to use your Intellect.


The ability to make friends and influence people - for good or for ill. Someone with a lot of Charm can play up whatever side of their personality they want, when they want. Whether it's to sweet-talk a judge into reducing your sentence, or to intimidate a wise guy into letting you have his table, you will need to use your Charisma.


This statistic covers one's ability to dispense violence on others, along with raw physical capability. A Battle-hardened individual focuses on entering conflict and coming out on top - with their opponent in a battered heap behind them.


This skill governs the various 'less-than-legal' skills that a Foundation agent may need to use in the course of their career. Slipping past a slavering dog, lifting something off of a guard, or jimmying a lock so your team can get inside - any of these would require Subterfuge.

Once you've gotten the sheet filled out from the collapsible below, you can progress on to Mechanics, for a breakdown of how the system works dice-wise. Even without checking that out, however, you're still good to request final approval, post your sheet, and enter play!

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